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Posted by hema on March 19, 2007

let’s talk food:)

breakfast. have been trying my best with this recently, as thought it was getting a bit ridiculous that i can’t function without my cofee in the morning. so, set my alarm a half hour early and have been munching away on weetabix. then one morning, thought would try something a little different and tried oatibix. have not been able to face breakfast ever since. don’t know who came up with the idea, but it does not taste good.

lunch-haven’t had the time or inclination really to make lunch recently so have to brave the refectory. at the last student council meeting, the students were complaining about prices, and its only now i know what they mean. since when was it £2.OO for a sandwich? i remmebr in my day it was 90p. anyway, due to the every child matters agenda, and of course jamie oliver, vending machines are another thing that are becoming a thing of the past. which is fine, i’m all for that, but sometimes you just need a chocolate fix to function.

anyway, usually end up snacking through the day with at least 2-3 cups of cofee and i know i don’t drink anywhere near enough water, although read somewhere that cofee can be included in the 2 litres wer’re supposed to be drinking everyday? i think that may be just wishful thinking though.

so anyway, i think my diet needs sorting out a bit. used to got through phases of healthy eating and it really does help you feel better. so, come on, any advice for small and easy steps. i know there are at least two medics reading this..


3 Responses to “food diary”

  1. Saabirah said

    Make a sandwich the night before, if you do it when you’re doing stuff in the kitchen, it won’t feel like a burden.

    For snacks – I won’t pretend to be holier than thou, a woman needs her choccies – buy them in bulk to save money and hide them in your bedroom if need be so the siblings don’t nick them :-D.

    If you get tired of sandwiches make a pasta salad, I’ll give ayou a recipe if you like :-).

    PS You’d better not have lost weight next time I see you… I’ll be on your case girl.

  2. hema said

    so, you’re still hiding chocolate in your room. it’s good to know some things never change.
    i think setting up this blog was a good idea just to keep in touch with you. had more conversations on here with you then in the “real world” i think:)

  3. baba said

    i find conversations over the net fairly ajeeb- its easy to hide under usernames passwords we invent…
    as for hiding chocolates- its the elder siblings that are the worst..beware beware

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