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lesson observation

Posted by hema on March 17, 2007

Had a lesson observation this week.

Have been stressing out about it all week as not used to them anymore. It’s funny during your pgce you have one every week so it didn’t used to phase me, but I think I have got used to bad habits. Kind of like driving. Who thinks they would be able to pass a driving test if they were to take a test tomorrow?

Anyway, thankfully the lesson went ok, apart from accidentally telling them euphemism began with a u, which caused a lot of confusion when they were trying to complete their crossword, but in my defence I was running around giving out pens, so it’s easily done! The class are retake GCSEs and allergic to English, but tried their best. By that I mean they didn’t try to throw things at each other or spend the lesson complaining about ginger people (don’t ask). Anyway, at the end of the lesson, she said “they’re a lively bunch aren’t they?” hhm there’s a euphemism if I’ve ever heard one.

Have to take my class to alton towers:( have been trying to get out of it, but every other class is going, so I suppose it’s only fair that mine go to. I’m not a big fan of rides. Why would you pay for something so scary? I have never understood it. I think I might hide in a café the whole time. Or eat candy floss. Or hunt for toffee apples, I’ve been trying to find somewhere that sells them. Actually, I’m rather looking forward to it now..

Hhm, this blog isn’t very pretty compared to some other peoples’. I might spend some time tidying it up. Although, I should probably clean my room first……

9 Responses to “lesson observation”

  1. YMiss said

    Hmph! I see you have managed to get links on this.

  2. Saabirah said

    Oh my goodness you’re going Alton Towers? I hate scary rides too, I thought I was the only one. If you start feeling sick after all those toffee apples and candy floss, go on the cups and saucer rides… although you should probably go on them BEFORE you feel sick…. Hmm, I feel sorry for you, I hate theme parks.

    I can’t believe you thought euphemism begins with a u. Tuttuttut… Hmm actually it’s kinda believeable; the word is “FAZE” not “phase”. I love correcting people who shouldn’t make mistakes in areas where I should make mistakes and they shouldn’t (Miss English Language Graduate). Makes me feel dead clever. 😀

  3. mishy said

    I think I promised that I would comment on each of your posts but I forgot this page existed, its in my bookmarks now though!

    Anyways, wow you people are wusses, Alton Towers is fantastic! I haven’t been for ages, I think the Oblivion might scare me now (I went on it so many times in school/college I became immune to it). If you don’t like scary rides theres plenty of other “tame” ones which are fun: cups and saucers, dodgems, runaway mine train (think its closed now :(, log flume, river rapids just to name a few ). Just realized that list was pointless because you’ll probably read this AFTER you’ve been. Ah well.

    As to your spelling, I have been told by a source who shall remain nameless (oh go on then you twisted by arm, its that rapscallion of a sister-in-law of mine) that you’re a terrible speller so the euphemism story doesn’t surprise me :p

  4. hema said

    ymiss- 🙂 it’s actually not that difficult. they make it quite easy, proabably for people like me. now i just need to figure out how to add my own teaching stuff..
    saabirah- well done for spotting my intentional mistake to see who was awake *looks up and whisltes*. seriosuly though, only you would spot that. i’ve seen your comments on other sites- e.g sEize on almaghrib. and you don’t need to feel clever, you already are. i think that’s my problem, all my friends are too clever for me..
    mishy, same goes for that sister in law of yours. my spelling is average, it’s not my fault she’s above average! and yes, you do have to comment on every post. your witty comments should be shared with the world, you can’t just keep them to yourself:)

  5. Umm Maymoonah said

    Sometimes I wonder if saabirah’s occupation in life is, ‘spelling mistakes spotter’. You know sumetimes I do it on porpose just to anoy her.

    Umm Maymoonah.

  6. hema said

    lol i kan just see her writhering in agny wen she reeds this:)
    call me anything you like in the link, hemasphere will do i guess. not quite sure what i want to do with this blog, it’s jsut anything and everything really:0

  7. Undescovered genius said

    I think i shalt re-check that letter you typed for me….thanks n all, i just didnt no u sukd at wat uv beend doing for the last 8 yrs.

  8. hema said

    listen UG, just because you got good results in your AS levels last week….. so is this your idea of insulting me, i’m disappointed, i thought you could do better than that:)

  9. Undescovered genius said

    They were A LEVELS…get with it!

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