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what’s in a name?

Posted by hema on March 14, 2007

this blog of mine, as no doubt you’ll soon be able to tell, is really just an opportuntiy for me to ramble on. i do not currently have many friends you see. they all gradually got hitched, had one or two crying machines, and then disappeared off the face of the earth.

however, i am also hoping that this blog will be beneficial to anyone having the privilige of reading it. i promised to upload some teaching resources on here for example, and i’m hoping to exchange ideas with others lucky/crazy (depending on my mood) enough to be in this field, as well as providing an insight into the day to day life of teaching. i will also post some of my recipes, so that those of you living on junkfood and myfood can learn to fend for yourselves. i shall not name names but you know who you are!

i have predilection for blogs at the moment (and also a predilection for the word predilection) anyway, i have a few favourite blogs i check regularly, which i will link to as soon as i figure out how, and thought it was about time i stopped talking about what to name my blog and just come up with soemthing! hema is a childhood nickname, which means i can maintain anonyminity and still keep part of my identity. well i like it anyway.

speaking of names, my sister in law has decided she wants to do something about the current serene atmosphere in our house by introducing a crying machine into the bargain soon. so, any ideas for names would be appreciated. just so he/she doesn’t end up with some of the recent suggestions that have been put forward. i mean HIBA??????

14 Responses to “what’s in a name?”

  1. YMiss said

    I’m the first 2 comment!! Haven’t read what you’ve wrote yet tho, will do that and then leave another comment

  2. Y said


  3. YMiss said

    Wow you use ‘big words!’ Hope you update more then I do. As for crying machines another 7 weeks till my sis in law is due!!
    As for names duhhhh Asma of cause! Easy 2 spell and remember

  4. saudi stepford wife said

    Pass it on…it’s infectious isn’t it? I found it easier to do all my stuff on a document then copy and paste to a post. That way I can type something quickly when an idea hits me without having to go online. I’m developing about 12 ideas at the moment and when one looks good, i post. You’re on my feedreader so I’ll get your post immediately. Have fun.

  5. hema said

    y- that comment couldn’t possibly have been directed at me or ymiss, so i’m assuming “saddo” is a suggestion for the baby, which is simply cruel. i know i’m a little sceptical about this baby, but the poor thing hasn’t even been born yet. give him/her a chance!
    ymiss- erm.. asma is nice… but why don’t we just keep our options open for now?
    saudi stepford wife- i love your blog. i was thinking you should set something up as your life has been so interesting! i’m sure you have come accross some nice names in saudi, lease share..

  6. Y said

    no, it was most definitely directed at you

  7. Saabirah said

    I don’t like Hiba. I hope you’re not just setting up a nominal blog, blogging only once in a blue moon… like other people out there… you know who you are.

  8. Saabirah said

    Wow that was a useful comment – not. OK, I like the name Zainab. And Tasneem. Although that is a bit overused by the Pakistanis…

  9. Undescovered genius said

    its pronounced…hiBAH
    i like…
    *Hilel (boys)

  10. Umm Maymoonah said

    AssalamuAlaikum sis great blog mashaaAllah. Hey what about ‘Zarnab’? Saabirah can explain what it means…. 🙂

  11. hema said

    wa alaikum salaam. i’ve never heard of zarnab- don’t even know if it’s for a by or a girl. go on then saabirah, enlighten me…
    i like zainab to, but none else seems to. you’re right tasneem is a bit too common (hope no tasneems are reading, if they are saabirah said it first…)

  12. Saabirah said

    Me and Umm Maymo were reading a book on the hadith about Umm Zar’ and this woman described her husband like zarnab, which is a fragrant plant or tree. It’s a nice twist on Zainab if you think Zainab is common. I think from the definition it could be a unisex name.

  13. Umm Maymoonah said

    Its an excellent book mashaAllah. very thought provoking.

  14. Samia_DK said

    Asalaamu aleikum SØDE!
    Here are some names for your sister in law as promissed.
    (some that i like anyway)

    For a girl:
    Zafiya, Malika, Dalila, Salina, Medina, Dilara, Aliya, Sherin.

    For a boy:
    Malik, Ismail, Jamal, Isa, Lamin, Younas, Isaac, Elias, Mikail.

    Hope that it can be to some use…
    jeg savner dig altid!
    Aapna kheyal rakna :o)

    XXX samia

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